Gainesville, GA

About Gainesville
Veterinary Hospital

At Gainesville Veterinary Hospital, we are compassionate about providing expert and friendly pet care to our customers. Our fascinating tale revolves around giving your pet the best care possible.

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Our Mission

Gainesville Veterinary Hospital’s purpose is to serve our clients by caring for their pets in a professional and courteous manner. The care offered to patients will consist of the latest and most modern techniques available within the veterinary community and will be provided in a loving and compassionate atmosphere. Patient well-being and client service are our priorities every day!
For over forty years, people throughout northeast Georgia have found the Gainesville Veterinary Hospital to be a caring place.

Caring for family pets is the hospital’s priority, evidenced and confirmed by the attitude of the experienced veterinarians and trained staff. Gainesville Veterinary Hospital is the region’s oldest practice. Founded to treat animals large and small, it now specializes in comprehensive care for family pets.

More than sixty percent of American households have pets – dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, fish, guinea pigs, hamsters, and ferrets. For many, pets have assumed importance approaching that of children! Pets have health and psychological benefits for people; a pet can be someone’s only constant companion, something to come home to and cheer you up — and that’s well understood by the staff of the Gainesville Veterinary Hospital.

Traditional veterinary services are our mainstay: treating sick or injured animals, vaccinating healthy ones, preventing animal diseases from spreading, and advising pet owners about proper care, nutrition, or rehabilitation. Veterinary medicine is about people, too. Nearly every medical procedure available to pet owners is being used, or at least studied, at the nation’s leading veterinary institutions. We consider a pet to be a vital part of a family.